Getting started…

I have been feeling very discouraged today following my initial excitement of my first blog post.  I decided that blogging was going to be something I could really throw myself into and get excited about.  However, I had no idea of the steep learning curve involved with domain names, hosting sites, etc.. etc.. etc..  I read several tips from experienced bloggers who all recommended using WordPress for the blog.  That part went pretty easily.  Then, I took it one step further and purchased the domain name to go along with my blog- from Go Daddy.  Again, simple enough.  The problem came when I took the advice to have the blog hosted by someone other than Go Daddy.  I went with some recommendations to use Bluehost and set up an account with them.  Now, do you think I can get my wordpress blog moved over to Bluehost on my new domain?  NO! and NO! and NO!  I have read so many tutorials and watched a good many video tutorials as well.  It is just not sinking in.  So, here I am back at my original wordpress blog until I can get it all figured out.  

Have you ever just jumped into something without really knowing what you are doing?  Hopefully, I will look back on this someday as just a small bump in the road on the way to bigger and better things! 🙂

My first blog post!!!

Hello!  I finally joined the blog party (albeit a bit late!) and have my first project to share.  I had such a feeling of satisfaction after completing this project that I decided to take the plunge and start my blog!  We moved into a new home about 18 months ago and although I love many things about my home, some of the beige walls were beginning to bore me.  So, I decided to jump on another bandwagon and paint some horizontal stripes on my foyer hall wall.

The before…


I used Martha Stewart metallic paint from Home Depot in Tide Pool for my stripes.


I read many a tutorial on Pinterest on how to paint horizontal stripes.  The BEST tip is the one that helps you avoid bleed through of your stripe color under the tape.  I won’t give a whole tutorial here since there are so many of them out there, but basically you put up your tape and then paint over the edge of the tape with your base wall color before you paint your stripe color.  This seals the tape and prevents bleed-thru!  GENIUS!  It worked like a charm for me and I got crisp, clean lines on the first try!  I will admit that I didn’t follow the tip that recommends you start at the top of the wall and work down or the one that says you should measure, tape, etc… before you start painting.  HA!  I started at the bottom and painted one line completely, removed the tape, and then measured for the next line.


I found this method helped me keep track of which line I should be painting and kept my measurements even.  I am NOT good with math, but this project was easy-peasy once I got the hang of it.

The After… 🙂


I can’t believe what a difference a small bit of paint can make!  I didn’t even use half the quart on this project which has led me to start thinking what else can I paint with this beautiful shimmery goodness?  Hope you enjoyed my first ever blog post and will come back again!